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Elise's coaching is the gift that keeps on giving. As CEO of one of the largest human service agencies in Louisiana, I felt great impact on staff and clients after the storms of 2005 and a need to build consensus as to how we would go forward. Elise worked with our senior managers and helped me form an Executive Leadership team that has redefined the art of communication, a direct result of her collaborative method of consulting.

CEO, Non-Profit

About Us

Founded by Elise Yanker, Organizational Development Consultant, with over 20 years experience in hospitality, service, telecommunications, technology, banking, government, military and intelligence communities. Experienced in corporate, non-profit, operations and business development environments. She holds a master's degree in Organization Development from the American University and National Training Laboratories program in Washington, D.C.

Collaborative Consulting organizes and implements individual and organizational coaching, team building, off-site retreats, and large-scale organizational change. The work of Elise Yanker is reflective of an entirely independent operation—as opposed to a large consulting firm. Her clients generally have contracted Elise exclusively. Her business has been built on referrals and repeat business. Clients seek out her services and retain them out of a respect for her high-quality deliverables, reliability, work ethic and recognized credibility in many industries. Elise Yanker has an extensive 12-year portfolio of clients built entirely on referrals, word-of-mouth and networking. More than 90% of Elise's clients retain her for multiple engagements.

Elise Yanker and Collaborative Consulting offers custom designed programs with a high degree of integrity, exceptional follow-through, and sustained results. Her consulting is grounded in core behavioral studies or work, etc conducted by psychologists such as Kurt Lewin, Karen Horney, Will Schutz and Carl Jung. Elise's Master's degree in Organization Development was obtained at the highly regarded partnership program between American University and National Training Laboratories. Elise maintains membership in NTL and also facilitates a core component of the AU/NTL Masters Program.

Associations & Memberships

International Coaching Federation Member
Organization Development Network Member
National Training Laboratories Member
Firo Element B Qualified
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Qualified
PDI 360 Certified
AU/NTL Coaching Program

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